Seismic of reservoirs

Seismic interpretation of reservoirs is the science of quantifying and / or estimating, with as much certainty as possible, the different variables (rockfluid) detectable by seismic data. The results of this quantification translate into an input data of vital importance in the physical characterization.

Geological and geomodeling modeling

A geological model starts with the preliminary analysis of a conceptual model of the study area, followed by a series of steps within a previously established methodology that will help to interpret all the hard data. To generate this model it is necessary to start with the structural and stratigraphic interpretation of the area.

Petrophysical modeling

The petrophysical modeling is used as a basic tool in the characterization of the rock system and allows, among others, to give way to the estimation of the original volume of hydrocarbons in place and serves as a basis for the distribution of properties for static model.

Reservoir Engineering

In the field of reservoir engineering, S & D Oilfield Services offers a range of services aimed at improving the characterization of the reservoir.

Simulation of deposits

At S & D Oilfield Services, we offer feasibility studies for the construction of numerical simulation models considering the uncertainty of static and dynamic models.

Production engineering

Based on the existing information, a diagnosis is made of the operating conditions of the wells and their production behavior, generating the recommendations for the purpose of improving the operating conditions of wells and lifting systems.