S&D Oilfield Services

Is a consultants group specialized in providing integrated technical solution to the domestically and International Oil and Gas industry, our team offer comprehensive quality services about integrated studies.
Our team of experts offers high quality solutions and services in different discipline:

  • Modeling geological, geophysical and petrophysical
  • Reservoir engineering and production
  • Reservoir simulation

Our main goal is offer to clients the better solution about Reservoir Integrated Studies within deadlines, sharing our experience and resource to optimize and enhance the development of the reservoir.

Reservoir seismic interpretation

  • Quality control and post-stack seismic data enhancement
  • Quality control and enhancement of pre-stack seismic data
  • Interpretation
    • Basic services interperation
    • Interpretation additional services

Geological modeling and geomodeling

  • Basic services
    • Structural interpretation
    • Sedimentological and stratigraphic interpretation
  • Additional services
    • 3D structural model
    • Properties model
    • Scaling mesh simulation

Petrophysical modeling

  • Generation of petrophysical models
  • Characterization of flow units and saturation models
  • Serveis diversos en aliances

Reservoir engineering

  • Energy characterization
  • Thermodynamic characterization of fluids
  • Quantification of original volumes of hydrocarbon
  • Risk estimation and probabilistic quantification of reserves

Reservoir simulation

  • Fluid distribution models
  • Fluid characterization
  • Historic codisks
  • Predictions

Production engineering

  • Analysis and modeling of wells
  • Probabilistic quantification of nodal analysis
  • Construction of nodal networks